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ATX Series AX200
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ATX Series
ATX Series AX200
ATX Series AX200
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American Racing Equipment, Inc. is the largest wheel company in the world, distributing more than 1.5 million wheels annually in more than 20 countries on four continents. American Racing has been around for more than 50 years, and continue to reinvent themselves and, quite literally, the wheel. American Racing continues its tradition of off-road performance with their latest American Racing ATX Series All-Terrain Wheels. These wheels have been tested with the American Racing ATX Dirt Team at some of the most demanding off-road races in the world. AMERICAN RACING ATX AX200 is available in 17", 18" and 20" Wheels. Wheel Finish is available in Cast Iron Black.
Select Finish: Cast Iron Black

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Size Bolt Pattern Hub Bore Offset QTY Retail Price Sale
AX20029013700 Cast Iron Black 20x9 5x135 n/a 0 500.00 $300.00
AX20029050700 Cast Iron Black 20x9 5X5.0 n/a 0 500.00 $300.00
AX20029055700 Cast Iron Black 20x9 5x5.5 n/a 0 500.00 $300.00
AX20029068700 Cast Iron Black 20x9 6X5.5 n/a 0 500.00 $300.00
AX20029080700 Cast Iron Black 20x9 8x6.5 n/a 0 500.00 $300.00
AX20029087700 Cast Iron Black 20x9 8x170 n/a 0 500.00 $300.00
AX20029088700 Cast Iron Black 20x9 8x180 n/a 0 500.00 $300.00
AX20078513700 Cast Iron Black 17x8.5 5x135 n/a 0 326.67 $196.00
AX20078550700 Cast Iron Black 17x8.5 5X5.0 n/a 0 326.67 $196.00
AX20078555700 Cast Iron Black 17x8.5 5x5.5 n/a 0 326.67 $196.00
AX20078568700 Cast Iron Black 17x8.5 6X5.5 n/a 0 326.67 $196.00
AX20078580700 Cast Iron Black 17x8.5 8x6.5 n/a 0 326.67 $196.00
AX20078587700 Cast Iron Black 17x8.5 8x170 n/a 0 333.33 $200.00
AX20079050718 Cast Iron Black 17x9 5X5.0 n/a 18 333.33 $200.00
AX20079068718 Cast Iron Black 17x9 6X5.5 n/a 18 333.33 $200.00
AX20079077718 Cast Iron Black 17x9 6x120 n/a 18 333.33 $200.00
AX20079088718 Cast Iron Black 17x9 8x180 n/a 18 333.33 $200.00
AX20088550715 Cast Iron Black 18x8.5 5X5.0 n/a 15 380.00 $228.00
AX20088568715 Cast Iron Black 18x8.5 6X5.5 n/a 15 380.00 $228.00
AX20088577715 Cast Iron Black 18x8.5 6x120 n/a 15 380.00 $228.00
AX20088580715 Cast Iron Black 18x8.5 8x6.5 n/a 15 380.00 $228.00
AX20088587715 Cast Iron Black 18x8.5 8x170 n/a 15 380.00 $228.00
AX20088588715 Cast Iron Black 18x8.5 8x180 n/a 15 380.00 $228.00

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