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Helo HE891
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Helo HE891
Helo HE891
Helo HE891
Starting at: $224.00 each

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The Helo brand offers an extremely diverse and unique product line creating a contemporary look on your passenger car, truck or SUV. Helo Wheels are world-class custom alloy wheels made of the highest quality. Expert design and precision manufacturing ensure that Helo delivers superb form and function which have made them a favorite among automotive enthusiasts. Incredible durability and clean styling in both chrome and black painted finishes with the value you are looking for. HELO HE891 is available in 20", 22" and 24" Wheels. Wheel Finish offered in Gloss Black with Chrome Accents or Chrome with Gloss Black Accents.
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Size Bolt Pattern Hub Bore Offset QTY Retail Price Sale
HE89122966335 BLACK 22x9 6x135 n/a 35 433.33 $260.00
HE89122978310 BLACK 22x9 6x120 n/a 10 433.33 $260.00
HE89124966335 BLACK 24x9 6x135 n/a 35 536.67 $322.00
HE89128517335 BLACK 20x8.5 5x4.5 n/a 35 373.33 $224.00
HE89128566335 BLACK 20x8.5 6x135 n/a 35 373.33 $224.00
HE89128574335 BLACK 20x8.5 6x5.0 n/a 35 373.33 $224.00
HE89128578310 BLACK 20x8.5 6x120 n/a 10 373.33 $224.00
HE89122966335BP2 BLACK 22x9 6X5.5 n/a 35 433.33 $260.00
HE89122978310BP2 BLACK 22x9 6X5.5 n/a 10 433.33 $260.00
HE89124966335BP2 BLACK 24x9 6X5.5 n/a 35 536.67 $322.00
HE89128517335BP2 BLACK 20x8.5 5x120 n/a 35 373.33 $224.00
HE89128566335BP2 BLACK 20x8.5 6X5.5 n/a 35 373.33 $224.00
HE89128574335BP2 BLACK 20x8.5 6x135 n/a 35 373.33 $224.00
HE89128578310BP2 BLACK 20x8.5 6X5.5 n/a 10 373.33 $224.00

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